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It is an indisputable fact that this is an era of intense competition in the business space. Small businesses are also not immune to this trend. It is essential that the whole business team works together towards a consistent business goal. Let’s look at ways and means to bolster the leader’s communication with his/her team.

8 Ways of effective communication with your team

1. Communication is a two way street – You must listen as well as speak. Good listening skills are an integral part of communicating effectively. Only when you listen and display empathy will the other party will be encouraged to speak out.

2. The leader must be approachable - Make your employees feel comfortable about approaching you with any problems or queries. Employees will be hesitant about bringing up problems if they do not feel comfortable around you.

3. Leverage state-of-the-art technology - Use modern technology such as emails and video conferencing to communicate more effectively with your team. Use PowerPoint presentations to incorporate both pictures and audios for superior and better communication.

4. Do not criticize anyone in public – This is a bad practice. Meet the concerned person alone to discuss any unresolved problems. But do praise in public if the concerned person has made a useful or important contribution. One on one meeting only works best for some people.

5. Undergo the requisite training to stay abreast of communication trends -The communication domain is continuously evolving. It is a good idea for you to undergo training along with your team on the latest contemporary communication skills. This will definitely help your firm compete more effectively in the market.

6. The leader should set an example – As a leader, you should display exemplary communication as it will inspire and motivate your team. The team will always look up to the leader for inspiration. Be a mentor to your employees to ensure they fully leverage their capabilities.

7. The team is everything – No firm can succeed without the active participation of its employees. Make it a point to keep the team in the loop regarding key company decisions and choices. Maintain a professional yet open atmosphere in your office to ensure efficient and smooth team functioning.

8. Be concise and lucid – Use simple and clear language to communicate with your employees. Avoid using any jargon. This should be reflected in both verbal and written communication. Use body language such as straight posture, direct eye contact, smiles and hand gestures to reinforce your message.

A Final Note

As you have learned, effective communicational skills are an essential ingredient for any small business, or for that matter, any business to succeed. Please share any communication tips with us that you may have.

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