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With any website, on-page optimization has alot to do with putting the right words in the right places. Apptivo helps optimize web pages for search engines in order to achieve a good position in their search results page with the following features:

Add meta title, meta keywords and meta description to all your webpages

  • Enter keyword phrases into the Meta Keywords fields
  • Add page title in the meta title field  do not exceed 70 characters for your page title
  • Enter a description in the Meta Description field  use no more 160 characters in your meta description as Google cuts it off beyond this
  • Dont repeat your keywords.  That is considered spamming and looked down upon by the search engines.

SEO friendly product pages for Ecommerce sites

The most important element of an individual webpage is the title given to the page.  This is the information that appears at the very top of the browser window when a webpage loads. From a search engine’s point of view, page title is the first indication of the contents of the page. In apptivo you have control over naming your product page URLs. You can configure your product URL naming method using  these steps.

Start a WordPress blog

Blogs help you get good page rank as search engines have utmost respect for web pages who frequently update their content. There is not much use having a blog if it is not updated regularly but if it is, it can be a powerful SEO tool. When you build a website with apptivo you can get a free wordpress blog which can be hosted on a subdomain, such as .com.

Social Media Integration

  • Start a facebook page or twitter account for your company/website. You can add  links to your facebook/twitter page on your site
  • Start a account and upload videos about your products or services.  Use keywords in video titles and descriptions. Add those videos into your site
  • Start a facebook store. (Coming Soon)

Google Merchant Center for E commerce sites

  • Set up your Google Base Product Feed to feed products into Google Product Search using google merchant center
  • Sign up for a google merchant center account and apptivo does all the mapping to feed your products in google shopping

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