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Internet marketers have been using article marketing to drive traffic to their landing pages and websites. Article marketing is the number one method to generate free traffic to your site. Internet marketers and entrepreneurs often hire freelance writers to write articles designed to bring traffic to your website. When combined with the power of the forum you have a recipe for increased revenue.

How to Use Article Marketing in Forums

A forum is a place where people gather to talk about a particular subject. Just about every niche you can think of has a forum on the web. You should seek out forums that are related to the product(s) or service(s) you offer, because it is here you will find individuals that can find your article content beneficial. These are the same people you want to target and bring to your website converting traffic to paying customers.

How to Find Relevant Forums

Finding relevant forums to effectively market your articles isn’t as tough as you may think. These forums are also great places to create backlinks. When you are looking for article marketing on forums you don’t have to locate do-follow forums because while the backlinks are useful your real focus is on getting views to your article. There are two methods you can use to find forums that are relative.

1. In the search engine type in your keyword and then the word forum. It would look like this keyword + forum.

2. Go to a Forum Finder, Forum Search, or another forum directory and just type in your keyword. It will return those forums that are most relevant.

How to Effectively Article Market Using a Relevant Forum

After you’ve located relevant forums you’re ready to start to effectively article market. Join the forum, and then set up your profile. It’s the signature that’s most important to you. It is here you will do your article marketing. You will use your signature to post links to market your articles. For example, if you just wrote an article on “how to build a bird house,” you would create your html signature with the keyword birdhouse. Then you would look for threads that are relevant.

The key to effective article marketing is to not come across as spamming. Participate in discussions and provide information that is relevant and useful. People will then click on your link to read your article. You can change your signature and html any time you need to.

How it all Ties Together

If you want to increase your revenue you need to increase the traffic to your website. When you use forums that are related to your niche or market, the traffic that clicks your article link is already targeted and much more likely to purchase. You will need a strong call to action to close the deal on your site.

Forums are one of the best forms of free advertising available to the online entrepreneur and yet far too often they are overlooked. Don’t make the same mistake as your competition.

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