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Every human resources employee, business owner, or other manager needs to leverage some sort of software to manage their database of employee records.  Failing to properly manage your employees can cause a large number of problems, so it’s paramount that this software have a structured, consistent, and robust database in which to store this information in.
Apptivo allows you to easily add employees to your firm, and manage all sorts of information about them.  Not only can you store information on the employee (such as salary, department, contract agreements, contact info, etc); but you can also link activities to employees throughout Apptivo.  This comes in very handy when you want to assign a project to an employee, or set up an appointment with an employee; or maybe you need to call an employee to discuss some matters important to the business.  All of this is easily achievable by organizing your information in the cloud using Apptivo’s human resources management tools.
This video talks specifically about the Employees App, and will walk you through getting started by adding employees to your Apptivo firm.
If your business isn’t on Apptivo yet, Free Sign Up Here!.

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