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If you want to increase your company’s sales, it may not be as difficult or complicated as you might thing. While these are tough times, your company does not have to fall victim to the economic downturn. Just follow these 3 easy steps to increase your sales regardless of the state of the economy.

1. Simplify Advertising

In our technological world, consumers are inundated with ad campaigns. Sadly, most of the money spent on those ad campaigns are a waste. Why? Because they are all using the same advertising methods as your completion (internet, billboards, direct mail, television, and radio). It simply a different angle or pitch on the same consumer products and consumers are tired of it. Here are some tips to help you simplify your ads.

  • Avoid the use of clichés
  • Less is more – don’t let your message disappear underneath all the other stimuli (music, graphics, and video). Short, concise messages will get the consumers attention.
  • Be better, not the best. How many ads have you heard that claim to be the best of their kind. Consumers aren’t always looking for the best. Besides, if everyone’s the best they just tune it out. You need to be better and you need to tell them why you are better.

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2. Target Those Who Love New Products

One of the most common mistakes is to try to target an audience that’s too broad. Instead, focus on targeting a smaller market that likes new gadgets and products. This group can offer you some of the best free advertising around through word of mouth. They’re a bit like a walking billboard. Here are some tips to get them to advertise your products.

  • Know what makes your product(s) better than the competition and advertise that message
  • Know what makes your product(s) different then emphasize that
  • Forget about those who are indifferent about your product(s). Instead, concentrate on those who are enthusiastic about your product(s).

3. Build the Relationship with the Consumer not the Sale

If you want to be a better salesperson, improve your relationship skills. Most consumers are looking for peace of mind rather than the perfect product. First build a relationship of trust and then they will look to buy your product(s). The consumer will actually drive out of their way if they have built a relationship with the consumer. This will also build customer loyalty. These tips can help you achieve that.

  • Learn about your customers every chance you get
  • Focus on providing value rather than on selling products. If you hire quality people and offer quality products, you’ll provide that value.

Talk about the price at the end not the beginning. If the consumer’s decision to buy is based on price then you’ve already lost control. Instead, focus on the needs and wants of the consumer.

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