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When you start a business there can be a lot of challenges. But as the days go by you’ll find your skills grow and everything won’t be so overwhelming. Many new business owners choose to work with a business partner. That way you can put the skills of two people together can lead to increased success.

If you are choosing a business partner look for someone that compliments your skill set. Maybe you are a good at managing projects and people, a partner that was excellent at sales would be a good match. Sometimes an entrepreneur has the idea and the know-how to make a business successful, but lacks the working capital so they find a business partner that has the working capital. While it all sounds good in writing, it’s not always that simple.

You need to choose a business partner who you trust and who you can openly communicate with. Think of your business partner in the same way you would think of a marriage. You need to be able to stick together during good and bad times.

The smallest scrap or annoyance with each other, when not handled properly can lead to resentment between the two of you and you cannot operate a business successfully with resentment standing in the way. For example, if you and your partner have a disagreement about whether the work is being fairly shared if you cannot resolve it, it could lead to a divorce between the business partners. This applies regardless of the dispute.

If your business partnership breaks up a great deal of energy will be wasted in sorting out the details. It can be the death of the business.

If you are a control freak a business partner might not be right for you, or you will have to choose a partner where you aren’t on equal footing. Don’t choose your best friend as your partner because it’s your friend, and think carefully before asking a friend because it could end your friendship. Always be objective in choosing a partner and choose them for the right reasons.

Choose a partner with a different skill set to get the most out of the partnership. You should never rush into such an important decision. It’s also important to make sure that you protect yourself with a proper legal document, which outlines how you are going to work together, a definition of the ownership, and how things will be handled should the partnership split.

Only you can decide if a business partner is right for you. Give it the attention it deserves.

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