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The home business has become quite common in the last decade. For some you’d have to move mountains to get them to give up working of their home, but for other the distractions of family and shared space is just too much and the home business just isn’t working for them. There are several reasons why some entrepreneurs decide to move from the home based office to an out of the home office. Those reasons include:

  • Too many interruptions – when there are too many interruptions at home deadlines can be missed, clients become alienated, and you’re not nearly as productive as you could be.
  • Growth – sometimes a business grows beyond the capability of the home. It may require more employees, there may be customers coming and going, and zoning laws can have too many restrictions.
  • Loneliness – some of us work best all alone, while others need the communal energy that comes from being around others to stay motivated.

Pros and Cons

Moving your business out of your house can present you with a more professional look and you may be seen as more professional by potential customers. However, you’ll now have a daily commute and you won’t be able work in your PJ’s. You’ll need to furnish your new location, because you won’t be able to work off the kitchen table any longer. You’ll have an increase in your overhead and your revenues should also grow.

Where to Move Your Business To

Deciding to move your home based out of the house is relatively easy. Finding the right location can be more difficult. Answering these questions might help you find that perfect location.

  • Can you find space close to your home to keep the commute time down?
  • Are you looking for your own space or are you willing to share space? When you share you can often shae expenses like one receptionist, however you’re also still tied to someone else then.
  • Are you thinking about a short term or a long term lease. Short term leases are one year or less.

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What to do if You Really Don’t Want to Move

You may be thinking of moving your business out of the house because you can’t think of another solution. Make sure you look at all your options before making your final decision.

  • If your space is limited is there a way you can give yourself more space.
  • Can a professional organizer help you utilize your space better
  • Can you outsource some of your work so that you have more time for your children or other commitments
  • Can your space be changed to avoid interruptions.
  • If children are what are causing your interruptions can you hire a part time nanny

Moving your business out of your home can be exciting, especially once your sure it’s the right choice for you.

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