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Most of us would have taken some time off to think about our successes and mistakes of the year 2012. Are there things you wish you’ve done differently? Are there any changes that you wish to bring about in your business this year? Probably. But then, that is the beauty of a new year – it’s a new beginning, a fresh start! A survey conducted in December 2012 by TD Ameritrade revealed that a majority of Americans want to improve their health while 32% hope to strengthen their finances in 2013. As a small business owner, you would also like to take steps to achieve better and greater prosperity in 2013. Here we have put together a few tips that you could use.

Adopt a “let me give it a shot at what may come” attitude – Over the next 12 months, companies of all sizes will have to tackle all types of uncertainties. The uncertainties include changing regulations and volatile economic times. But still move forward, aggressively, always investigating potential new markets, find new ways of promoting your business to bring in new clients and revenues.

Redefine your goals and visions – When you started your enterprise, you had a vision and mission. Either find ways to rekindle the passion to achieve the mission and goals you set or else, you can always change them. Remember, when you spend time working in your area of interest, the business will slowly and steadily start to show some amount of profit.

Brainstorm with your employees – Good entrepreneurs will tap into the strength of their employees to generate unique and new ideas. Your staff is your strength.

Invest smartly – When making business decisions, ensure that it is not made with the cost as the guiding principle. If you have not implemented any cloud applications for your firm, 2013 would be the right time to move to cloud based applications. There are many SaaS providers, who will give you a free trial period and then charge a nominal fee for upgrades.

Mobile friendly website – Update your business website to make it smartphone and tablet friendly. These days, many customers like to place orders or browse while they’re on the move.

Set aggressive but realistic business growth goals – Always set a realistic goal and find ways to achieve them. Goals help you analyze how you get your best customer, life cycle of your sales and marketing, and also the ratio of your prospects to customers. Goals will help you focus.

Experience matters – An ideal entrepreneur will pay attention to customer experiences. You should know whether a customer will like to do business with you or not. What is their experience with, not only the sales team or receptionist, but also with your customer service team? It is good to remember that even small glitches can cost you a customer.

In brief, do not be afraid to try out new marketing and sales strategies to bring about business growth this year. Try to implement the latest marketing and advertising tools which will leverage your business. Also tap the power of technology to make your business easily accessible by clients and potential customers. If you have any creative ways to bring about change to your business, you are welcomed to share it with us.

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