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As a budding graphic designer, you may not have wanted to implement a project management software due to cash crunch, but that is all about to change. When your business grows, it means you have a long list of clients. If you are not organized then your invoices are not being sent on time, pending bills cannot be tracked, you are not sure about the milestones of a project you have undertaken, and finally, it is going to take a toll on not only the financial health of your business, but also your mental and physical health. A great way to stay organized is by fine tuning your business and start using an online project management software that has to-do lists, calendars, collaboration, automated billing and more. There are many online project management tools for graphic designers to customize their daily requirements.

Why Graphic Designers should Use Online Project Management Tools

There is a wide range of online project management software for you to choose from and each software has its own set of unique benefits and features. However, here are some tools that all graphic designers would appreciate and can be found in all software.

  • Delegating tasks becomes easier – If you have more than one project in hand, you can delegate your tasks to your team so you can focus on business development. Online project management software can help set milestones, allowing you to view the progress of the project. Furthermore, each employee will know what his or her task is for the project and when their task needs to be done. Knowing who is responsible for what is important because it lets you know who to contact when you feel unsatisfied by their portion of the project.
  • Track and communicate the progress – Once all your milestones are set for your team, you can track the project and communicate to your clients about the progress made. Employees will have the ability to update you on their progress for their portion of the overall project. This way you can save time by eliminating unnecessary meetings and reduce the inflow of emails to your mailbox.
  • Collaboration made easy – With some project management softwares, you can share documents, timelines and status updates. You can also set access privileges to documents that will only allow those who are working on the project to view the documents. If you have outsourced some part of your project, your remote freelancer can also access the required documents access is provided.
  • Help you stay on schedule - You can add the start and completion dates of the project. Alert setting is also available in most software and this will alert all those who are working on a particular project of the upcoming deadlines. In short, it helps you manage time and complete tasks.

Helps in Budgeting – Remember a penny saved is a penny earned. By using project management tools for your graphic design projects, you would know how to allocate your resources and make decisions based on the availability of the resources.

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