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Articles are a powerful marketing tool that is overlooked by many businesses. When articles are submitted to top online publishers it will increase the traffic flow to your website, which is always good for business. When you want to promote a new product, it’s an excellent way to bring awareness to that new product and increase your click through rate.

Your business can really benefit when you submit your articles to top websites and article banks. It’s a great way to promote a new product, as well as your existing product line. Here’s how to get your articles on websites that can drive 1000 to 300,000 visitors a day to your site:

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  1. Run a search on the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to find the top 10 websites who are looking for your type of content. They will be happy to post your articles on their site.
  2. This handy shortcut will help you find sites that match your article quickly. Type in the word business in the search box. There will be millions of websites that pop up. Now replace the word business with submit article – click on the box just below the search where it says, “search within these results.” Do that sub-search and you’ll quickly see who allows for article submission.
  3. Go to the website to find out what their layout is, whether they use a regular Ezine, and what type of article categories they have. Some of the sites offer you stats on your article so you know how many hits it has gotten.
  4. Each week submit 2 or 3 articles at a time. Make sure they have been edited thoroughly. The more you write the better your articles will get. You can also hire a freelance writer to write your articles for you. You can easily promote new products.
  5. Submit these articles and you’ll find yourself getting listed regularly by the search engines. Target your keywords in your articles to attract new visitors to your website, which have the potential to become new customers.

Get ready to enjoy the benefits of web marketing. It’s a great way to introduce a new product to potential customers and expand your customer base. Each time you have a new product you can use this technique, but you can also use this technique to promote all your products and to drive more traffic to your website continuously. Best of all it’s free!

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