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Saridhoti specializes in Indian handloom products and dresses, mainly saris and dhotis.

As seen in the picture above they had a website but wanted to move to Apptivo for the following main reasons:

  • Their old site did not have the look of an e-commerce site nor did it function like one
  • No shipment methods integrated with their site
  • No order processing in place

What Apptivo did for them:

  • Transformed their site into a fully functional e-Commerce site with customized shopping experience
  • Provided a secure shopping cart integrated with to process their payments
  • Real time integration with UPS giving them 7 different shipping options to ship their products to customers
  • Automated order processing where all their orders are captured, stored and processed within apptivo

Now Saridhoti can successfully manage, sell and ship their products, manage content on their site, capture leads, manage customer accounts and maintain order history all through one single platform — Apptivo.

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