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Operating a small business is different than a larger business. There are some major obstacles that must be overcome by small business. One of those obstacles is staffing. Employees are one of the biggest expenses a small business faces. Hiring, training, and even firing are costly for all business but for small business owners it can be catastrophic. Too few staff, too many staff, and the wrong staff – all can lead to the demise of the small business. So let’s look at how to staff your small business.

Hiring the Right People

Small business owners often fall into the habit of hiring friends and family either out of guilt or out of desperation, especially in the early days when they are trying to get their business up and running. However, if your brother really isn’t an accountant or your sister has never done sales this isn’t likely the wisest choice for your business. It’s important that you hire the right person for the right job. Over the long run this will save you a lot of money. It might even save your business, and it will definitely save your relationships with family and friends.

Multi Talented People

One way for small business to save money is to hire people who are able to do more than job. Small businesses unlike large businesses don’t have the luxury of having a person for every job. Therefore when you are hiring people look for staff than can wear many different hats, thereby decreasing your operating costs, and maximizing your effectiveness.

Hire Those Who are Invested for the Long Haul

When you staff your small business consider that there will be many bumps along the way for a new business. You want to hire people who are as committed to your business and who will stick around through those bumpy periods. When you hire employees who understand working for a small business isn’t like a large company and they are willing to give that little extra it can be a great asset to you.

Hire Those Who will Grow With your Business

One of the biggest focuses for a small business is to maximize their sales and grow. Sometimes those employees who came on board early get caught in a rut and fight the changes you need to make to see that growth occur. When hiring you need to look for employees that will grow with your business, take any necessary training, maybe even relocate, and always be open to change as your business grows.

Hire People Whose Expectations are Realistic

Too often an employee starts at a company then finds their expectations aren’t being met and they leave. Every time an employee leaves there are associated costs. Many times this could have been avoided by choosing people whose expectation were realistic. Be clear about what you are going to pay, what the hours of work will be, whether there may be bonuses, and whether there may be opportunities in the future. Working for a small business isn’t like working for a corporation and those you hire need to understand this.

Keep your staffing costs down and find long-term employees using this guide.

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