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Tablets and Smart phones were the hottest technologies in the year 2010 and 2011. At the same time, small/medium businesses recognized the potential of cloud-based technology and collaboration services this year. In the year 2011, more and smaller business owners took initiative to use cloud-based services to boost the growth of their business. With the year almost coming to a close, it is now time to look at the top technologies and trends in 2012.

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Cloud Computing is here to stay– Small/medium business have started to recognize the power of cloud computing. For the next few years, cloud-based technology will rule the world. The reason is that cloud computing has made it possible to share resources with ease and lesser cost. Cloud and collaborative technologies have made anytime, anywhere computing and accessibility possible. There are cloud-based services which are available for managing your projects, human resources, invoicing and even for document storage and sharing. Industry analysts opine that shortly businesses will ‘rent’ their servers instead of maintaining an in-house one. Therefore, year 2012 will be known as the ‘Year for cloud-based services’.

Mobile Technology – With more and more small businesses conducting business transactions using mobile application, this is going to be another technology which will be much used in the near future. Mobile apps for social networking, product search,games, video and commerce are widely used by people around the globe. Mobile devices such as ipad, iphone and more are widely used by not only small and medium businesses, but also by the student community.

Smart phones – A study conducted by Forrester in 2010 showed that 49 percent of small business owners conduct business through smart phones; 35 percent of the small/medium business owners use Blackberrys; 25 percent own Androids, 33 percent have iPhones while 7 percent ownWindows Mobile devices. The small business owners use Smart phones to check and respond to emails, schedule calls and tweet on the go. In brief, they use Smart phones to stay on top of their business. Android and Apple devices are used by many small business owners and have shown an upward curve. Industry analysts believe sales of Smart phones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.

Hybrid between a Laptop, Smart phone and Tablet – There is a market for hybrid between a laptop, Smart phone, Tablet and PC. Though the sale of PCs is down, there will be a huge market for cross over device that consists of all the technologies a small business owner would require to run his business efficiently.

Talking about the top technologies to look forward in the year 2012, Internet Television is an upcoming trend. Though it may not be used for business purposes, it will be one of the technology trends to look for in 2012. The big players in the market include Logitech, Apple and Sony.

In short 2012, is clearly an exciting time to watch out for nascent, evolving and revolutionary technologies, which will clearly run the roost.

If you think there are other hot technology trends to look for in 2012, write to us. We welcome your comments and feedback.

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