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If you are an entrepreneur, you will find that every day is not smooth sailing. There are ups and downs in every business venture. One should not be carried away by success or demoralized by failure. Realize that even the best have to cope with failure. What matters is that they come out stronger. How do they do it? The secret is simple but surprisingly effective – an unflinching positive attitude, even when faced by unfavorable circumstances.

Let’s look at how to stay positive always. You will be stunned at how this works.

Visualize success – Today, media normally will report mostly bad news. They ignore many other happy stories and daily feats of accomplishments. Reading the newspapers or watching television will result in negative and optimistic thinking. The first step to take is to blank out bad news and focus on the positive, happy stories.  Visualization is an incredible tool widely used by top notch professionals in different fields. There are innumerable statistics which testify to its potency. When you visualize success, use simple and happy images. Find a quiet place and visualize the steps which will lead you to success, rewards and happiness that accompany it. Share this technique with members of your team and encourage them to practice it first thing in the morning.

Spread the positive attitude – Never have an image of pessimism conveyed to other members of the organization. It will hurt the morale of the team. Round up the staff and entertain them with humorous and inspiring stories. It is amazing how this can lift people’s spirits. One can feel the contagious energy which the entire team is bursting with. Have motivational quotes plastered where everyone can see them on a daily basis.

Acknowledgement is the best appreciation – Greet everyone with a smile regardless of their ranks within the organization. This will spread goodwill and the team will be charged with boundless enthusiasm as well as optimism.

The right attitude – Think of obstacles as stepping stones to success. Affirm daily that every day you are improving in every way. See problems as challenges which will be overcome along with unleashing the best in you. Always look at the glass as half full rather than half empty.

Make a list – On a piece of paper, write down your long term goals. List down the steps to achieve these goals. Remind yourself that you are privileged compared to many.

Be motivated by the greats – Read inspirational biographies of high achievers who performed even in the direst of situations. Learn the psychology and different techniques to flourish even in daunting and adverse conditions.

Adapt your thinking – There are many modern tools which will improve the performance of the firm. Keep your mind open to new ideas and technologies. This will help overcome tough times.

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