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Online invoicing is the latest trend among freelancers. However before opting for it the freelancer needs to have clarity of vision about it. It is imperative that the freelancer comprehends its pros and cons before making a final decision.

The bad news about online invoicing

Online invoicing is not the right choice for everyone. If the freelancer doesn’t have reliable internet connection, is not familiar or at ease with using the Internet then this would be a drawback compared to conventional invoicing. The user also needs to be comfortable with cloud based software. If the freelancer or his/her clients are uncomfortable doing business online then online invoicing is not the right choice.

In case of power outages or if the Servers are attacked by virus or temporarily overloaded the freelancer will not be able to use the online invoicing system. Paper based systems are free from such fallibilities. There is a learning curve for users since modern online invoicing systems have many functions and features.

Security is a prime concern since the online invoicing system on cloud are vulnerable to malicious attacks and loss of data. You need to check out the security measures taken with your SaaS provider.

There is the expense factor to consider since many freelancers work on shoestring budgets. They may not be able to afford expensive online invoicing software.

The good news and many reasons to smile

However there are many advantages of using online invoicing. One is the preservation of the environment. Since it makes the invoicing process paper, less trees will be cut. It saves a huge amount of time and money for the freelancer. Even a layman can create professional looking and elegant commercial invoices. It makes it convenient for the freelancer’s clients to comprehend the charges, their breakup and the payment schedule. One can send reminders about payment to forgetful customers.

A quality online invoicing software allows you to create, track and manage invoices with ease. One is able to create and status of the invoices anywhere, anytime leveraging the ubiquitous technology of the Internet.

Modern online invoicing systems such as invoicing apps are user friendly. This translates into shorter learning curves and universal ease of use.

Online invoicing systems are packed with a host of features and systems not matched by paper based invoicing. There exist many pre-created purchase invoice templates ranging from the simple to the sophisticated for the freelancer to pick and choose.  Payment can be accepted using different modes such as Paypal and in multiple international currencies. Some online invoicing software permits you to monitor when a client has viewed, approved and paid an invoice. Online invoicing software can be customized to meet the unique and specific requirements of the freelancer.

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Finally online invoicing systems helps the freelancer to get more organized and him/her does not have to worry much about the billing and invoicing parts of the business.

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