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email marketing campaignBlogging is the end product of the research that a blogger desires to share with the targeted audience. While email marketing is the one of the tools that the marketing team uses to promote the brand. You could say that blogging is an icing on the cake called “email marketing”.

The well-written blogs bring in traffic to your website while the emails are used to connect with your prospective as well as loyal clients at a personal level. Through emails you let them know about the various offerings of your brand. When the marketing experts combine blogging with email marketing, they can expect exponential marketing results. Here we have put together a few pointers and techniques that are result-driven.

Plan your content

Create an editorial calendar for blog posting and sending emails. Ensure that both the blog and emails have the same theme captions and talk about the same content. For instance, if your blog is talking about a software product, the email content also needs to mention about the same.

Use email marketing software

Integrating the blog content with your emails is one of the best way to get the people to open and browse through the contents of the email. Ensure that you integrate the RSS feed, if you are planning to share blogs with those clients in your mailing list. The email content should encourage the readers to share their reviews and the comments. Email newsletters, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly, must contain links to the relevant blog posts. This will help you get a better click-through rates on your emails.

Guest blogs should be resourceful

Have a website that is designed specifically to showcase the guest blogs that are resourceful to the reader. Also by enabling the share buttons, the reader can share so it reaches the wider audience. This is made possible when you introduce your email subscribers to your blog posts.

Freebies matter

Integrate a “Free updates” page in your website. This will allow the email subscribers to get access to the free whitepapers, eBooks, videos, infographics and blogs. This will bring organic traffic to your website and also create brand awareness.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are great marketing platforms. You can share both your newsletter as well as blogs here. Ensure that you have integrated social media buttons in your blogs and the email marketing campaigns have tabs linking to the blogs.

Once you have merged your blogs with email marketing, your brand will reach a larger target audience. It will become a vicious circle of your brand travelling from the email to the blogs and then to the social media page of the brand, thereby getting a wider audience attention.

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