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In light of International Project Management Day (IMP day) coming up on November 3rd, 2011, we have gathered a list of Project Management Experts on Twitter for your viewing pleasure. Learn more about IPM day at

Kick back your feet and learn from these great project managers:

  1. Storm Cunningham
  2. Thomas Kennedy
  3. Bernardo Tirado
  4. Jeanne Bradford
  5. Project Management Institute
  6. Anne Samoilov
  8. Susanne Madsen
  9. Bas de Baar
  10. Steve Maul
  11. Sean Hull
  12. Nelson Biagio Jr.
  13. Ron Rosenhead
  14. Project World
  15. Susan de Sousa
  16. Consulted ED
  17. Lisa Drake
  18. Craig Brown
  19. Neil A. Walker
  20. Andrew Wicklander

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