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All businesses hope that their employees are happy and productive, but that’s not always the case. There are a number of reasons why an employee becomes a problem. Sometimes it’s the employee that is directly responsible but many times there are things going on at work that are causing the problems. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons for problem employees.

1. Employee is Overworked

When employees are asked to do too much for longer periods of time it can lead to fatigue and resentment. These employees may have been your best employees but overwork can cause that to quickly change.

2. A Dislike or Personality Clash With a Supervisor

If an employee dislikes or has a personality clash with a supervisor employees have been known to interfere with production, not give it their all, and not bother to communicate. When there are problems with supervisors employees can become miserable and your production will suffer, as well as moral.

3. Employee and Job are a Poor Match

Sometimes employees and jobs are not matched as well as we think. If you see your employees productivity slipping or if there are problems with conflict, boredom, or lack of skills you should consider moving that employee to another position.

4. Poor Supervision

When supervisors are not doing their job properly employees aren’t being overseen in the manner they should. This can lead to poor production, employees that are angry, or those who do everything they can to sabotage such an employee. Good supervisors will keep employees on task while poor ones should be removed.

5. Home Problems are Brought to Work

Most employees have something going on in their personal life most times. These can be parenting issues, problems with marriage, problems with family, or a number of other problems. If employees are bringing their problems from home to work it can lead to low productivity, behavior that’s not acceptable, poor attendance, or a number of problems. When employers offer their employees assistance programs there is far less of this that goes on in the workforce.

6. The Employee and the Company’s Expectations are not In Alignment

If employees and companies are not on the same page employees usually land up leaving. Worse, if they remain and the situation isn’t rectified they will affect productivity, company moral, and more. This is a very unhealthy situation for your business so don’t risk the health of your business. Deal with it.

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It’s great if you can find long term employees that stick around. It creates a much more cohesive work environment, it’s more cost effective, and it leads to higher productivity. However, not all employees work out and it’s important to know the signs and the causes.

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