Why Freelancers Should be Using Online Invoicing

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It is a fact that the life of a freelancer is more relaxed, but remember, nothing comes without responsibilities. And with responsibility comes accountability. There are many freelancers who are struggling to cash in on their payments on time and most of their time is chewed up tracking down outstanding payments. If they are following the traditional methods of chasing … Read more

How Small Businesses Saved Money in 2011

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As a small business owner, every penny you save means a lot. Small business owners across industries have made wise savings by adopting various methods to cut costs this year. When LaShonda Rahming launched a new collaboration platform ‘All About Collaboration’ in March this year, he used resources from all over the world using a platform called odesk that can … Read more

How Mobile Apps help Boost your Business

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Times have changed and it is important to keep pace with the latest developments. This is more applicable to technology adoption among small/medium businesses, who, in order to succeed, have to keep pace with the latest Internet technologies. Businesses, whether small, medium or large, are becoming more mobile and it has become important for business owners and freelancers to take … Read more

Top 5 Online Invoicing Apps Freelancers Enjoy

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Online apps offer some excellent tools for a variety of tasks from money management to email. Freelancers can really benefit from online invoicing and there are tons of choices for you. Let’s look at a few of those apps. 1) Apptivo Invoicing – Free Apptivo is by far one of the best online invoicing packages in the market. Apptivo’s invoicing … Read more