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So you are interested in one of the Apptivo Business Site plugins?  Although each plugin will offer all of the features available, they come pre-configured for your specific needs to keep the setup process as simple as possible.

Who are you?

First off, we need to figure out which type of plugin will be right for you.  Apptivo offers both self hosted, and Apptivo hosted versions of the plugin.  If you are a developer, technical user, or have a requirement to use your own servers, then the Self Hosted Developer package is what you need.

For beginners and users looking for the simplest solution, the Apptivo hosted solution will offer you a quick and painless setup, and 100% of the site management is controlled through your Apptivo interface.

You will select the type of package when you create your first site using the WordPress Business Site App.

What does your company need from a website?

Are you looking to better connect with your customers?  Do you run a lot of marketing efforts on your website that need to be properly segmented to measure performance?  These are common questions of potential CRM package users.  The CRM package offers:

  • Manage multiple customized contact forms, integrated with Apptivo’s CRM system
  • Create and manage customer testimonials, and display them on your website
  • Keep your users up to date with industry news, managed through a simple interface
  • Engage your customers and get them involved by listing them on your site

Many larger companies, or companies involved in the staffing industry can benefit from seeking new talent via their website.  If you are interested in listing your firm’s open job positions, and being able to accept job applications online, the HRMS plugin is the correct choice.  The Apptivo HRMS plugin offers the complete human resources solution for your business, including:

  • Create and manage job listings to display on your website.
  • Allow users to search and browse through job listings
  • Job applicants can submit their resume directly through your website
  • Manage job requirements and qualifications with Apptivo’s extensive HRMS applications

Still not sure?

If you aren’t sure which plugin to download, get the complete plugin by downloading during the website purchase process.  The standard plugin will be a blank slate with all features included, you can then enable features one-by-one as you learn more about the plugin and explore new options for your business website.

For more information and help with the plugin, visit the Apptivo WordPress Business Site App page.

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