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Software as a service (SaaS) is gaining fast popularity, and many software that was once locally installed on our computers are now available for everyone to use online for a nominal fee. Though many companies have started to leverage business applications on the cloud, many are still reluctant to implement online business applications. We have put together ten advantages of using online business applications.

Benefits of using Online Business Applications

  • Cost effective – One of the key advantages to using online business applications is that you need not buy software each time a new employee is hired. Neither do you need to invest in server or storage fees.
  • No need to be a geek – To use online business applications, it’s not necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the software, neither will you need a technical person. Online business applications are user-friendly enough for first time users to understand and pick-up on.
  • Access your documents while on the go – The best part about using online business applications is the chance to access your documents and reports from anywhere. Some SaaS providers allow you to work offline and when you log back in again, your work will be automatically synced.
  • Collaboration is made easier – One of the advantages to using business applications on the cloud is, you can collaborate on documents or projects with other users. You can also set access privileges of these documents or projects so only specific employees can see these.
  • You need not worry about product updates – There’s no need to worry about getting the latest software update to match your competitors. These days, online applications are automatically updated since everything is run online.
  • Direct access to information – The remote employees and in-house employees who are working on the same project have direct access to the latest information. All they need are their login credentials.
  • You get paid fast – Online invoicing software not only records and stores payments and receipts; it can also help keep track of late payments and send alerts to clients.
  • Helps in budgeting – If you are using an online financial management tool, you can forecast your finances and also budget your projects depending on the availability of resources.
  • You can keep track of your business milestones – An online project management tool gives you a 360 degree view of any project you have undertaken. You can set milestones and alerts. Alerts will let you know about upcoming deadlines. This will help you speed up your task and ensure completion.
  • Marketing simplified –It’s easy to reach out to your customers and potential customers with email marketing these days. By learning the preferences and tastes of your clients, you can target them accordingly.

Online business apps have numerous uses. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your business. However, ensure that you choose a SaaS provider who not only offers customized apps but also excellent customer service. Try out Apptivo’s various online business applications.

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