Are you geared up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014 sales

Posted by Maya Pillai

In the year 2013, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales had increased by 15% and 18% respectively. This report was released by a trend tracking firm, ComScore. They also reported that there’s a probability of a greater increase in the after Thanksgiving sales in 2014. It’s the time of the year when you should get the most possible sales. Have … Continue reading

Ways to influence customers and their buying decisions

Posted by Maya Pillai

It is the customers who have the power to make or break a business. Hence it is essential that enterprises focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. There exist time tested techniques to bond with customers and positively influence their buying decisions to your favor. Go the extra mile to make customers feel special– Smile and welcome your customers with genuine … Continue reading

What I Used to Start my Business Online

Posted by Guest Blogger

Photo credit: Maryland GovPics Interested in starting your own online business? I’ve gone through the process and thought I’d write about my experiences so you can benefit from the mistakes I made as well as the things I’ve done that have made the whole process easier. While it’s not easy and you’re not going to succeed overnight, it is possible … Continue reading

Efficient Small Business CRM Means Keeping it Simple

Posted by Maya Pillai

In the past, the owner/managers of small businesses knew each of their customers by name rather than by a customer code. Customer relationship management was practiced even in those days to make the businesses successful unknowingly. However, things have changed. As businesses grow, it becomes more difficult to relate to a customer on a more personal level. As the business … Continue reading

Inside Apptivo’s Integration

Posted by Maya Pillai

Business apps on cloud are fast becoming popular. If a small business owner is planning to propel his business, it is the right time to invest in online business apps. Integrating Apptivo’s online business apps in your small business will give you a business framework for managing, enhancing and analyzing customer information. So what is customer 360 view? This is … Continue reading

10 Advantages of Online Business Apps

Posted by Maya Pillai

Software as a service (SaaS) is gaining fast popularity, and many software that was once locally installed on our computers are now available for everyone to use online for a nominal fee. Though many companies have started to leverage business applications on the cloud, many are still reluctant to implement online business applications. We have put together ten advantages of … Continue reading

Google+ Helping Small Businesses

Posted by Maya Pillai

Recently, Google launched a program to help small businesses set up their own websites known as ‘Get Your Business Online’. This program was in about 20 countries including Brazil, UK and Kenya. A study conducted by BIA/Kelsey reveals that these days, almost 97% of consumers turn to the Internet to search and research products/services in their local area. A stage … Continue reading

Is Your Business Ready for the New Facebook Pages?

Posted by Maya Pillai

Did you know, being one of the best marketing tools, Facebook is introducing Facebook is introducing new Facebook pages? If you have not logged on to your business’ Facebook page in a while, then it is time you do so. Whether you are ready to make the changes or not, your page will undergo a major change come March 30.  … Continue reading

5 Must Knows to Understanding SEO

Posted by Maya Pillai

All small businesses should have a good website. Having a website alone is not enough. The website should be ranked at least in the first 20 search results. As a small business owner, if you want to attract traffic to your website, you must improve the search engine optimization (SEO). That means, making your website more visible to Internet users … Continue reading