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In the past, the owner/managers of small businesses knew each of their customers by name rather than by a customer code. Customer relationship management was practiced even in those days to make the businesses successful unknowingly. However, things have changed. As businesses grow, it becomes more difficult to relate to a customer on a more personal level. As the business grows, the owner will become more involved in operations and less with customers. Managers will have to spend more time handling employee issues instead of interacting with customers. Yet it goes without saying that customer relationship is the key to success and profit. So the question arises- How to manage your customers by understanding their preferences and their value to your business in terms of monetary benefits and long-term association? The only solution is to choose an efficient and yet simple cloud-based CRM platform for small business that will suit your business needs.

Features of an Efficient Small Business CRM

When choosing a CRM software for your business, choose one that helps centralize all your communication, manage your marketing campaigns and documents. Many of the efficient and affordable CRM software will have most of these features. The points given below will at least assist you in the elimination process.

Simple to use and easy to integrate- Choose a really simple CRM that is easy to implement and use. “Simplicity and integration into daily routines are very important features,” said Nathan Stewart, CEO of Alkemi International. There is no use in investing in an application that is very difficult and complicated to use on a day-to-day basis.

Remote access- Choose a low cost CRM solution that is cloud-based that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It will be useful for your remote employees.

Mobile accessibility- Before settling for a CRM solution, ensure that it can be used not only on laptops and desktops but also on handheld devices – like CRM Mobile application provided in tablets and smart phones. This is an essential part of business because people are always on the go and wish to do business on the go. Businesses should look strategically at how mobility as mobile CRM solutions can support the business.

Lead Generation- This is one feature you have to check out with the service provider. It goes without saying that a Customer Relation Management app that is strong in lead generation, automated customer communiqués and reminders to the sales force of your business can make things simpler by literally saving you hours in a day.

Affordability- It is a fact that your budget will directly dictate your integration of CRM to your business. It is not always necessary that you have to spend thousands of dollars on custom apps. There are many SaaS providers who offer their standard product free of cost. You can use them until you are ready to upgrade to a premium account.

Keep these points in mind while choosing an appropriate CRM tools for small business.

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