ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses on the Rise

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has gained popularity in recent times as it makes managing business operations easier. The Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP software) allows organizations to access a system of highly integrated applications. It helps in the management of business and assists in specific back office activities. ERP technology and software is gradually being implemented in small to large … Continue reading

Do Highly Productive People Have More Than 24 Hours In A Day

Posted by Maya Pillai

It’s a competitive world out there and we have many success stories of small businesses. Thanks to the technological innovations, in today’s world we have round-the-clock work schedules and we are able to access information with a few mouse clicks. The work pattern is collaborative. This means you are expected to be connect with people located at various geographical locations, … Continue reading

Tips to keep your business moving forward

Posted by Maya Pillai

The world is a constantly changing place. It is important that your business keeps on changing to remain relevant and competitive. Your business needs to keep moving forward in order to survive and grow irrespective of the economic situation or other factors beyond your control. We look at some valuable business growth advice that will help moving business forward: Make … Continue reading

How to handle difficult customers

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All businesses have to deal with disgruntled customers at some point of time. Some customers may have genuine grievances while some may not. In either case, one must learn to handle the customer as well as the situation properly. We take a look at different strategies and techniques to handle difficult customers. Be specific – When the customer is making … Continue reading

6 Money Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Posted by Maya Pillai

Every business, large or small, is established with the motive of profit-making. Successful businessmen have their own signature style of managing their business. Service or manufacturing, there is always scope for improvisation in order to increase the efficiency of the resources that would enhance a business’s bottom line. However, charging a higher price for a product or service to your … Continue reading

Set Small Goals throughout the year

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All businesses, whether big or small, need to have well defined goals.  It is important to set long term and short term goals. Only if you achieve the short term goals is it possible to achieve the long term goals. Goals are essential to provide business ventures direction and motivation. How to set short term goals First step is to … Continue reading

Small Business Events

Posted by Maya Pillai

As a small business owner, it is imperative to network and learn from the knowledge and experience of others. We look at some of the upcoming small business events in 2013. It is highly recommended that all small business owners attend them. There are a host of conferences, expos, events where you can interact with business tycoons, marketing gurus, star … Continue reading

Upcoming Small Business Events

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Are you looking to start, run and grow your small business? Whether you are a budding or an established entrepreneur, you should attend small business events such as trade shows, training programs or seminars that are held in your area. Small business events are great opportunities to make business acquaintances, share ideas, network and exchange business cards. This is also … Continue reading

Is Your Business Ready for the New Facebook Pages?

Posted by Maya Pillai

Did you know, being one of the best marketing tools, Facebook is introducing Facebook is introducing new Facebook pages? If you have not logged on to your business’ Facebook page in a while, then it is time you do so. Whether you are ready to make the changes or not, your page will undergo a major change come March 30.  … Continue reading

“Cash Mob” Supporting Local Businesses

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Small businesses are the spine of any economy. If a small business gives back to the local community, the local community will support it. Finally, the growth of a small business depends on the policy of give and take. To support the growth of small businesses, a group of small business supporters got together to form a new phenomenon called … Continue reading