How to handle difficult customers

Posted by Maya Pillai

All businesses have to deal with disgruntled customers at some point of time. Some customers may have genuine grievances while some may not. In either case, one must learn to handle the customer as well as the situation properly. We take a look at different strategies and techniques to handle difficult customers. Be specific – When the customer is making … Continue reading

The Risks of Starting a Startup

Posted by Maya Pillai

Start ups

Many people consider becoming entrepreneurs for varied reasons. Before venturing into business it is important to be aware of the associated risks. This will definitely help improve the chances of succeeding. As in life, in business also, entrepreneurs need to take risks. The challenge is to anticipate pro-actively all possible risks to emerge as financially successful, reputed, efficient and long … Continue reading

Tax Tips for the Rookie Entrepreneur

Posted by Maya Pillai

Tax time is around the corner and you can hear the collective groan of small business owners, start-ups and established firms who have to sort out their financial records for the previous financial year. It’s a hassle finding out how much they may have to pay the government at the end of the financial year. If you are a new … Continue reading

Just One of the Many Successful Business Women

Posted by Maya Pillai

“Sometimes there is an easy road and a hard road, and the hard road may be the one that leads you to where you are going.” Birame Sock (CEO Third Solutions & 2010 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Laureate for North America). The Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2011 that was held in Deauville, France commenced with a message that you cannot … Continue reading

Top 10 Successful Women in the Business World

Posted by Maya Pillai

“The great news is that we’re absolutely seeing the number of female entrepreneurs skyrocket in the last year.” – Leesa Mitchell, author of the Kauffman study, Overcoming The Gender Gap: Women Entrepreneurs As Economic Drivers. How many women entrepreneurs have there been in the history of the business world? Thousands and thousands of them; these are women who invested money … Continue reading

Grant Funding for Women Entrepreneurs

Posted by Maya Pillai

The recent research by the Center for Women’s Business Research and Entrepreneur Magazine discloses that these days, more women are attending college to earn a degree to launch a non-profit organization or start a small business. This report also says that women are capable of running a business while simultaneously running a household and caring for children. Business grants are … Continue reading

Grants for Women Business Entrepreneurs

Posted by Maya Pillai

There are many successful women entrepreneurs today. They are the role models for many young women aspirants who want to own their own start-up. As a woman, you may have to face many challenges, including the act of balancing your family and business commitments. If it’s a start-up, then you may have to spend all you waking hours planning and … Continue reading

Using Apptivo Invoicing for billing clients in different currencies

Posted by Puneet Yamparala

Apptivo Invoicing is a tool designed to help freelancers and small businesses invoice their clients for free. Most freelancers work with clients who are located all over the world and as a result they need the capability to send invoices in various currencies. Though Apptivo Invoice is best suited for billing your clients in dollars, you can get payments in … Continue reading