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I am a professional blogger and I blog for a couple of clients. There were times when the clients sent their requirements and journals to my official email address. I downloaded the files and later made printouts to file them into a box. I had to take a number of printouts and find a physical storage place for my files. Whenever I was on the move, I had to carry either the files or some of the papers with me. This meant keeping an eye on the files so I do not miss place them or lose them.

However, things have changed now. Thanks to online document sharing technology, my clients have switched to online document repository. This has made things easier for the both of us because I now have access to the documents from anywhere. A part from that, I need not waste my precious paper and printer ink, therefore, saving me a lot of physical file storage space.

Free Document Sharing made easy through Apptivo.

Why Online Private file Sharing is Suitable for Small/Medium Businesses

  • Centralized Document repository – The documents can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, by those who are given access privileges. The files are uploaded onto the servers, therefore saving the physical desk space.
  • Organization – In private document sharing, you can password protect select files for select people to see. A good document management system would have libraries where the files can be arranged in folders and subfolders.
  • Hassle Free – When a firm implements a document management tool, need not bother about the backend hassles of configuration, security, updates and maintenance.
  • Cost Effective – Some services charge a reasonable monthly fee for the document sharing service, depending on the monthly usage; similar to a utility bill. Apptivo offers up to 3GB free.
  • Flexibility and Mobility – File sharing applications and management ensures that files can be viewed using any web browser. This saves the users from downloading the files onto their workstations/laptops. Most of the online document management software allows access through mobile devices.

Apptivo is one such SaaS vendor which provides document sharing. They take care of the messy backend and thus making it user-friendly for the Small and Medium Business owners who are not tech savvy. Are you using a document sharing provider?

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