Posted by Maya Pillai

As more and more people are using smartphones, it is a modern necessity that small businesses have a significant mobile presence. Folk prefer to check things on the smartphone rather than their laptops and desktops. Small businesses not having a mobile website will lose out to the small businesses that do. It is essential that small businesses plan and chalk out an effective and comprehensive mobile marketing strategy.

A good idea would be to study the mindset and preferences of the mobile audience before implementing a mobile friendly website for the relevant small business. Nowadays it is relatively less complex and affordable to have a mobile friendly website in place. Instead of approaching established players that will charge you a bomb, approach upcoming mobile website design and development companies. They are far more affordable and will deliver reasonably quality websites. You can offer flattering reviews and referrals as an incentive to the former.

Pertinent questions that a small business should ask itself is whether it’s social marketing strategy aligns with the current mobile world. Whether the websites deliver the kind of experience potential customers desire on tablets as well as smartphones. Is the relevant small business effortlessly located through online searches?

What should be included in the Small Business’s Mobile Website

The mobile website should contain the contact details of the small business as well as clear directions to the physical address. It should work seamlessly on all kinds of existing devices be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whether it is an iPhone or Android device it should offer a superior user experience. It should also have credible user reviews regarding the small businesses products and/or services. Finally, if the viewer decides to make a purchase there should be convenient and hassle free online payment facility.

The Need for a Mobile App

Today is the era of the mobile app. So, it is recommended that every small business have an app to sell their products and/or services. It is worth spending adequate time and investing money to have a snappy mobile app in place. Through the mobile app, you can deliver push notifications, keep customers abreast of upcoming sales as well as available discounts. It is a good strategy to collect contact details of potential customers as well as their personal tastes and preferences. This way you can pitch products and services to the suitable customer that will most appeal to them.


Remember that other factors play a role in the success of any Small Business

It is important to realize that just having a classy mobile friendly website is not enough to guarantee the success of a small business. The quality of your products and/or services, prompt and efficient customer service and other factors all play a role in the success of an enterprise. If customers are not happy they will not give business to the concerned small business. An attractive and glamorous mobile website will attract umpteen potential customers but other factors determine sales.

If you are a small business that has experienced success leveraging a well-honed marketing strategy, please share your inputs so that other small businesses can learn and benefit.