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There are some who like to read, and there are a few who don’t. The question is, do entrepreneurs read and whether they find time to read. If you look at the success stories of any small and medium sized business CEOs, they would have mentioned how certain books gave them the inspirations and ideas that they had used in their businesses. It’s a known fact that for an entrepreneur, time is a scarce element something that they always wish to possess in abundance.

With time being a crucial element in a busy entrepreneur’s day to day life, we have put together four good books that we feel one should read and always be kept at arm’s length as these books can help entrepreneurs drive their business. However, you can always research for the books that you feel would help you grow your business. Books help to educate yourself, and when you read a book, there should be some takeaways that inspire, engage and compel you to think.

  1. Just Blow it Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life- The author of this book is Dixie Gillaspie. This book talks about the psychological barriers such as fear or doubts that would stop a new or established entrepreneur from propelling his business ahead. In her book, Dixie talks about how to make your dreams and goals a reality.
  2. Choose Yourself- Here is another must read title authored by James Altucher. This is a wonderful book for those whose top priorities are time and money. It gives the reader the advice and inspiration that you need to build gradually up and practice in your day-to-day life to face the challenges of this competitive world. The Kindle version is available on Amazon for only 99 cents.
  3. Built To Sell- One of the strategies that many entrepreneurs overlooks is the “exit strategy.” In this, John Warrillow talks about the way an entrepreneur should look at his business. He says that entrepreneurs should work towards creating a business that can thrive without them. In simple words, they should approach their business with the perspective of selling it one day. A wonderful book that is written as a story than a business book would make an interesting read. Available in Amazon as Kindle and hard copy versions.
  4. Mastery- This book is one book that all newbies should read before they start their business. Robert Greene, the author of this book, tells the reader that they should find time to develop the necessary skill that is required for their business before starting one. He goes on to tell that success is a process that can be achieved through mastery. The book also mentions that things such as luck, superior genes or finance backups are all myths. Every entrepreneur walks the same path that is strewn with setbacks and failures before he masters his business. Sheer smart work is what will help you grow your business.

Go ahead and grab a copy of each book and start reading.

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