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Email marketing existed even before social media came of age. This is one of the most cost effective channels of communication that the small business owners used earlier and which is still in vogue to keep in touch with their potential market and current customers. Therefore, small business owners should consider including email strategy into their marketing plans and reach out to those who have shared their contact details with them. This in turn will help small businesses analyze the preferences and tastes of the people of a demographic unit.  The businesses can use this communication to strategize their marketing plans and also drive traffic to the company’s website. Here are a few pointers that small businesses can use for effective email marketing practices.

  1. Keep the sign-up process simple and short- Apart from posting a signup form on the homepage and also on your social media pages, ensure to keep the form simple. However, remember to include provisions to collect the first name, birthday and other important details such as email and telephone number. A long sign-up form may frighten people off. So keep it short.

  2. A welcome email should be sent- Sending the new subscribers a welcome email is a way to reassure that they are special and there are freebies in store. It’s a way of thanking them for subscribing to your newsletter.

  3. Put together a Publishing Calendar- Newsletters are an important part of email marketing and it has to be sent in regular intervals. The content of the newsletters should be meaningful and up to date. It should also be well written. Use a template that is responsive both in mobile devices and computer/laptops.

  4. Content is King- The content of your email and newsletter should be engaging and have a punch. Reel readers in with a good subject line but avoid words such as “free” and “giveaway.” These two words are often categorized as spam words and emails are automatically sent to the spam folder. Instead, create a subject line that grabs the attention of the reader.  The content should be compelling enough to hook the readers so they read till the end.

  5. Remember to add “Unsubscribe” link or button- “Unsubscribe button” is mandatory. According to CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, omitting the unsubscribe button can lead to unwanted problems. Small businesses should use this opportunity to find out the unsubscribe rate of emails.

Adopting the above strategies would go a long way in ensuring that your small business keeps on top of the existing competition. It would be a wise move to brainstorm with other members of your small business to come up with innovative and effective email marketing strategies.

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