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An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea, product or service that a person gives to another person or an audience to get the conversation started. The time duration for an elevator pitch varies from just 30 seconds to two minutes. Make sure your audience understands what you are talking about and what’s in it for them in the given time period.

You may think to yourself, is this skill necessary for an entrepreneur in a startup or enterprise business to be successful? The answer is yes. This is one of the most important skills that any businessman should possess. He should understand that it is one of the most effective ways to reach out to new clients and buyers as well as retaining the old ones. You can rightly say that it is the winning message that should not last longer than an average elevator ride. Here are a few pointers that could help prepare or improve your elevator pitch.

7 Tips to Make a Great Elevator Pitch

Foresee your goal- As an entrepreneur, you should know what to say when you meet potential buyers or clients. Being able to clinch an appointment with them can only improve your business. Therefore, whatever you say to strike a conversation should pique their interest. Get right to the point of the overall idea instead of telling a lengthy story.

It’s always good to know your target – The whole idea behind an elevator pitch is to get the listener interested in what your business has to offer. Therefore you need to twist and adjust your elevator pitch according to your audience. Remember to reveal only a few relevant and interesting pieces of information.

Remember it’s not about you- Avoid talking about your achievements and highlighting your past accomplishments. It is about how the audience can benefit from your services or products. Prospective clients will learn more about your accomplishments after your elevator pitch becomes a success that builds into a working relationship.

Never use slang or industry jargon – Not everyone is comfortable with slang and jargon. Therefore, keep your message simple, clear and to the point, but keep it interesting. You can always give examples of how customer-focused you are and the extra mile you went to help your client out.

Preparation is the key to success- First impression is most important and it happens only once. Be prepared to answer the toughest questions that may follow your pitch. You should also show the flexibility to answer your audience, if you are interrupted in between.

You should be in a position to answer the queries and solve the problems- Your pitch should be real and relate to your audience. Be ready to answer any queries that are sent your way from the audience. In brief, your solution should be specific to each individual listeners need.

Display your passion – An elevator pitch is not something you should memorize or recite. Your passion for your services or products should be displayed in the usage of your words, the tone of your voice and body language. Allow your audience to hear and see your commitment and involvement.

In brief, an elevator pitch is a long story cut short to get the attention of your audience. Always remember the wise words of Winston Churchill, “Be clear. Be brief. Be seated” while working on your elevator pitch.

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