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Finding the right picture for your Biz Page may be difficult, but we’ll help you through your search for the perfect image. To begin, make sure the height of your photo is 1000 and width a little longer. Do not exceed 2000 pixels in height

For those of you who are on a budget when it comes to spending, Flickr is there for you. Flickr has a vast selection of photos to choose from by amazing photographers. Many artists and photographers have chosen to put forward their images under a Creative Commons license. This allows anyone to use their photo as long as proper attributes are given to the original author.

To start, use Flickr’s advanced search and scroll to the very bottom of the page.  There you will find the Creative Commons:

Be sure to check the boxes, or else you do not have permission to use the photos from the original author. Begin your search for a photo that would fit your business profile page. The large size image should work best for your Biz Profile.

Once you have found a photo, remember to include the proper attributions. Give credit to the author of the photo by mentioning the name of the photo, the author of the photo as well as where you got the photo. You can do this in Paint or any photo editing software you prefer.

Free Document Sharing made easy through Apptivo

Next, there is the paid version of Flickr—iStockphoto. This may be a bit pricier, but well worth the money. Not only will you find professional photos but as well as illustrations. The best size iStockphoto to use would be the medium size photo.

Where do you plan to get your images from?

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