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manage-employeeEmployees are the backbone of any organization. One of the responsibilities of the management of any business firm is to ensure that employees are motivated to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently. It’s the duty of the manager to ensure that he has a balanced team else the it will have a searing impact on the business as a whole. A recent study by The State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, that surveyed 2.5 million managers in 195 countries revealed that 35 percent of the American managers are so engrossed in meeting numbers and closing deals that they are not motivating their team. As a result, it’s costing the U.S. economy close to $400 billion every year.

This calls for the review in the strategies of employee management and to chalk an approach that will work for both the management as well as the employees.

Work Flexibility

As per the survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 47% of the participants feel that if they ask for flexible options, it will affect their advancement opportunities in the organization. As an employer, you should give the option of work flexibility where the employee can create his own schedule, login remotely and so on. He should also be allowed to take up additional projects in line with his abilities. Integrate project management software to manage projects, open communication channels and allow remote login. However, ensure that your employees are accountable for the completion of their respective tasks.

Transparency needs to be a priority

A research conducted by Dan Cable at the London School of Business, revealed that when employees are allowed to express their selves, they are able to perform better, show the willingness to help their colleagues and display higher levels of commitment. Experts believe that by sharing their goals and vision, the employers can improve the focus and thereby boost the level of commitment.

Efficiency is the key to success

Time wasted in never-ending meetings and long email chains can bring down the efficiency of the employees. Hold short meetings with the team. If possible, hold meetings in casual environment and also encourage them to come to the point quickly and with clarity.

Feedback channels should be crystal clear

Employees get a feel of their weekly progress, when the team manager gives them feedback about their completed tasks. This will not only boost their optimism but also gives them an insight into the areas where they need to improve. It also gives each individual an opportunity for self-reflection, that is vital for the overall growth of the employee and the organization in turn.

As per the report of Gallup, many Americans left their job to get away from their bosses. The managers should focus on creating a strong community that is collaborative and non-egoistic. Also encourage the employees to find a work-life balance, where they take a real lunch, take short breaks between the work, go for a walk and so on.

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