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Business apps on cloud are fast becoming popular. If a small business owner is planning to propel his business, it is the right time to invest in online business apps. Integrating Apptivo’s online business apps in your small business will give you a business framework for managing, enhancing and analyzing customer information.

So what is 360-degree customer view? This is a communication tool that provides all the details of a particular customer on the same page. In brief, it gives a consistent view of the customer to all those in the organization who have the privilege to access the data. Data provided adds value to the organization by enabling the business to provide better lifetime services to their customers, making existing profitable customers more profitable, acquiring additional profitable customers and turning non-profitable customers into profitable ones.

What is a customer data? Whenever, a client or customer interacts with your firm, whether he is an old or new customer, you should be able to get his complete information and transactions from a few clicks. This process will help maximize your experience with your customer, making your interactions as effective and efficient as possible.

What does 360-degree view include? This customer 360 view includes the past and present interactions such as all invoices, estimates, projects, etc. with the customer.

Feel free to include specific information about the customer to help one get to know the customer a little better. Include information such as:

  • Identity of the customer such as gender, location, name, age
  • Value means the services/products the customer is interested in.
  • History of the customer including the contacts, campaigns and processes across all lines of business channels of the organization – invoices, estimates, projects, etc.
  • Relationships include the influence, connections and associations within the organization.
  • Actions include communications through email and phone. The actions initiated on the basis of their recent contact with the organization.

Ultimately, a small business owner can only benefit from using 360-view for their CRM to keep track of all daily business needs. It’s a much needed CRM tool that can help serve their customers better.

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