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If you have a product/service then you need to advertise it to get business. If you do not advertise then nobody will know about your product and you will not get the desired business. Advertising enables you to promote your business products and services. Advertisers spend millions of dollars every year in advertising to promote sales. People prefer to purchase a known product rather than an unknown product. This is the reason for advertising, which can make your product number one in the market place.

Advertising requires a lot of planning, thinking and innovation. The success of your firm depends upon the amount and effectiveness of advertising. Advertising can be done through many mediums including print media, television, telephone, Internet, and mobile. Today’s generation doesn’t read the newspaper much, they usually get their information through the Internet and mobile devices. This leads to advertising campaigns which should be done on the Internet or sending text messages on the mobiles.

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Ways of advertising right

  • Celebrity Endorsement – If your product is unknown, then you can go in for celebrity endorsement. The celebrity should be well known and trusted by the public. So if they endorse a product, it is taken seriously.

  • Branded Merchandise – You can sell merchandise advertising your product. This can be in the form of clothing, footwear, coffee mugs, toys and so on.

  • Web Content Writing – One effective advertising technique is to write articles and post it on various websites. People will read your article if it is interesting, informative and useful. Remember to give a link to your products website. People who wish to know about your product will click there.

  • Search Engines – Another form of modern day advertising is to post advertisements on search engines such as Google. When people use keywords associated with your product, your advertisement shall be seen along with the search results.

  • Accentuate the negative – One way of advertising is negative advertising. For example if you are an insurance company, you can have an advertisement showing the scenario of what misfortune happens if one does not insure himself or its assets. The message sent is that security is made possible by taking an insurance policy for your company. Another example of negative advertising is the abuse of drugs. One can show the drug consumer suffering. This will scare people away from consuming drugs.

  • Beat the competition – Comparison with competitor’s products is a popular advertising technique. For example you can show 2 dirty shirts. You wash the shirt using your and your competitor’s product. .People can view the results and know the difference. You can also highlight your products strengths and the weaknesses of the competitor’s products.

  • Free offers – Hand out free samples of your product. People will accept it because it is free. If they find your product good they will tell other people and the popularity of your product will increase manifold. This sort of word of mouth publicity is a very effective advertising strategy and will do wonders for the revenues of your enterprise. If nothing else works you can try out this highly effective advertising cum marketing strategy.

How do you plan to advertise your firm using an attractive value proposition?

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