Technology trends that’ll help business move forward in 2012

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Tablets and Smart phones were the hottest technologies in the year 2010 and 2011. At the same time, small/medium businesses recognized the potential of cloud-based technology and collaboration services this year. In the year 2011, more and smaller business owners took initiative to use cloud-based services to boost the growth of their business. With the year almost coming to a … Read more

Doing Business on the Cloud is Lowering the Barrier for Business women

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Traditionally, the word “entrepreneur” is associated with men. Times have changed and there are many women entrepreneurs today. With the advent of the Internet and its technology, there are equal opportunities for both men and women who have entrepreneurial skills. However, it is up to you to tap the power of the Internet. Whatever may be the nature of your … Read more

SMEs in India to Enjoy Subsidized Cloud Computing

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IT stalwarts and industry bigwigs constantly keep echoing a common statement ‘Cloud Computing is a boon for SMEs and it is the technology of the future’. For Small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who are the agents of growth, Cloud Computing offers a promising IT infrastructure support, especially to those who are planning to grow big and expand existing operations. You … Read more

How Cloud Computing can Help Small Businesses

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Cloud computing is in full swing nowadays. It is the state-of-the-art technology that is immensely useful to all sized businesses.  There is a popular misconception that cloud computing is not suitable for small businesses. However, this is not the case. We examine the various advantages and benefits which cloud computing offers to small businesses. The Pros of Cloud Computing Cloud … Read more

Cloud Computing and its Risks

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Cloud computing is beneficial to large and small business enterprises who want to revolutionize their IT infrastructures. The business enterprises must understand that there are certain risk factors associated with cloud computing. For instance, recently, there was an outage of and the site collapsed for nearly 24 hours taking with it all its customers including a few small businesses. … Read more

Web-Based CRM for Small Businesses

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Web-based/on-demand/hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are gaining popularity among small business owners. Small business owners need to accept the web-based CRM as a business technology strategy to revolutionize their businesses and maximize their profits. There are many Web based CRM providers in the market. Apptivo’s CRM for small business is beneficial for those in the field of sales, marketing, … Read more

What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing

(source: Wikipedia) As a Small Business Owner, you tend to carry your work home (if you are not already working from home). It is essential that you have access to all your data and software at office as well as at home (and sometimes even from a client location). Making multiple copies of files and transporting them back and forth … Read more

Apptivo Contacts App Demo for CRM

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Every customer relationship management system needs a comprehensive, yet flexible, contact management system.  Apptivo offers the best of CRM contact management, and your contact database integrates directly with all of the other small business apps available with Apptivo.  Take a look at our video to get a better idea of it’s capabilities, or click to learn more about contact management.