Recruiting Firms Rely on the Web

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Human resource management is an integral part of every small to medium organization. These include things such as hiring new employees, training existing employees, monitoring employee attendance and so on. There’s usually a team of HR professionals who take care of this vital process in all small to medium organizations. Presently, there are many online human resource management software which … Read more

7 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

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According to a survey conducted by the popular employment portal,, reveals that over 80% of all employees are actively engaged in search of other employment. Top performers are seeking greener pastures. There may be a few who are ready to quit to start their own venture. These people are willing to take risks, even during these tough economic times. … Read more

The Rise of the Virtual Workforce and the New Roles of HR Professionals

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Massive geographic expansion and the need for specific professional skills and competencies have driven many organizations to develop virtual teams that are spread across the world. Virtual teams can be a group of people working for you in various locations or a single person working flexi time from his/her home office. Managing virtual teams is easier said than done. Here … Read more

How effective are HR practices among SMBs?

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“SMEs will have to adopt HR best practices in order to grow. It is the entrepreneurs who will have to take his/her employees along and make them an integral part of the enterprise through such best practices.”  Arvind Joshi, president – human resource, Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd. Small to medium businesses are the back bone of any economy because … Read more