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Anytime someone decides the time is right to start an online business, it’s exciting. However, that excitement can quickly turn to frustration if you don’t understand the difference in selling online and selling offline and therefore they try to do things in their online store the way they would in a traditional store.

When you walk into a traditional store, you are greeted by a sales person, and they ask if they can help you. They also do something else and that’s close the sale. If you aren’t sure or you’re hesitating, a good salesperson will have you walking out with the item before you even realize it.

When a visitor comes to your online store, there’s no one to greet them, no body to help them, and definitely no one to close the sale. Therefore there’s little if no pressure, and online can become a great place to go to price compare, learn more about products, and just look around without feeling the pressures of a traditional store.

Many people hate sales pressure and in a traditional store the most common way that feeling is eliminated for the customer is through natural dialogue with the potential customer that builds a sense of trust.

Online selling doesn’t allow for this. You do not have the opportunity to create that two-way dialogue with someone. People land at your website and there is no two-way dialogue just the reading of the message, which feels impersonal, and does not lend itself to building trust.

On as many as 90% of all sites what you’ll find is some type of standard sales script “We offer… We do….” “Don’t wait..” What’s wrong with doing this? The problem is that long before the visitor has even understood about your business or considered making a purchase, and long before any trust is built,.

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A visitor comes to your website because they have a problem and they are looking for answers. You may be surprised to learn it’s easy to fix the one-way communication, impersonal nature, and lack of trust on your website. Here are just a few ways to draw your visitor into your site further.

  • Create a site that’s easy to navigate and lets visitors choose what’s right for them
  • Show your solutions, offer free samples, test drives, and make the visitor feel comfortable
  • Most importantly, add live chat to your site so visitors can talk directly with a human.

If you do nothing else implement the live chat and watch your sales grow.

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