Posted by Maya Pillai

To take an already successful and flourishing business to another level, an entrepreneur has to be up to date with the latest business trends and gradually adapt them too. Understanding the latest trends that drive the business and also adapting them subsequently will help small businesses grow as well as survive the highly competitive economy. One of the many major business trends that is currently in vogue is the hiring of virtual assistants and allowing them to work from anywhere. Also, allowing the employees to telecommute once or twice a week is another trend that is noted these days. There are many latest trends that would help drive business to the next level. Here we have put together a few pointers that will aid in driving business growth.


Outsourcing Certain Tasks

A small business entrepreneur has to be well organized and disciplined if he has to succeed. However, at times he may not have ample time to handle tasks such updating the database, keeping track of the leads or answering the emails. And he may also not be in a position to hire a full-time employee. In such cases, it’s wise to integrate a reputed email software that suits the business and also hire a virtual assistant to handle the task of segregating the important ones and at times even replying to some of them. Hiring a virtual assistant who can create PowerPoint presentations, generate marketing content, manage the meeting follow-ups and business calendars and also make travel arrangements makes the work easier for a small business entrepreneur without having to loosen the purse strings much.

Sales and Content Marketing is a Driving Force

In this competitive world, it has become mandatory that every small business have an online presence. The reason is the customers, influencers and the businesses are generally online for most of their time. The customers do their research on a product or service before making a purchase. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour that a small business have a website that has the information regarding its products or services and also a fair amount of social media presence. Convincing and engaging content regarding the products or services should be easily made available to those who are researching online. Most of the customers live on the social sites, so post engaging content to open conversation with them, and make it a point to answer their queries. Content is the driving force behind any marketing and sale campaign.


Empower Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to Grow Revenue

In a highly competitive environment where its neck to neck competition, businesses would want to make efficient use of scarce as well as highly effective resources to drive sales. This is where the role of the subject matter experts come in. Customers would prepare to converse with a SME rather than with a sales person. SMEs mostly focuses on the good lead qualification instead of right opportunities and drive sales which in turn leads to revenue growth. Therefore, small businesses should consider reskilling the SMEs.

Go Green

Carbon footprint on the ecosystem is the biggest global issue that we face today. The buyers are aware of the hazards and impacts the various industries have on the environment. Therefore, they tend to shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly products. Ensure that while branding remember to add the word ” Green”, because consumers want to go green and are looking forward to products that have less carbon print

The aforementioned points are current trendsetters that are the driving force behind the business growth.