How Small Businesses Can Leverage Market Segmentation For Increasing Revenue And Profits?

Posted by Maya Pillai

Small businesses have to compete not only with the big businesses but also with other existing small businesses for a share in the modern market place. Usually as the resources of a small business is limited and it cannot absorb big losses it has to invest its money very carefully. The first essential task of a small business is to … Continue reading

4 Trends That Drive Business Growth

Posted by Maya Pillai

To take an already successful and flourishing business to another level, an entrepreneur has to be up to date with the latest business trends and gradually adapt them too. Understanding the latest trends that drive the business and also adapting them subsequently will help small businesses grow as well as survive the highly competitive economy. One of the many major … Continue reading

Guide To Overcoming Your Business Rivals

Posted by Maya Pillai

If you are a small business owner, you will definitely have competition from other small businesses as well as big businesses. Whether you are a new player or an established one you have to be wary of the existing competition from both upcoming and established players. Even if you are doing well presently there is no guarantee your small business … Continue reading

Its New Year, Planning To Grow Your Email Subscribers

Posted by Maya Pillai

It goes without saying that the email marketing is a high impact and affordable marketing tool to get the message across to the current customers as well as the potential ones. However, the reality is that email databases need to be update frequently else it will naturally degrade approximately by 22.5% every year. This could be due to various reasons … Continue reading

Video Marketing Strategies To Convert The Viewers Into Customers

Posted by Maya Pillai

video marketing strategies

Video Marketing is fast catching up as a medium to reach out to the audience. Visually appealing videos give the customers an overview of a product or service in less than thirty seconds without overwhelming them with the textual content. There are so many tools to create appealing videos that the small enterprises can shoot their own videos using their … Continue reading

Top 3 Lessons Every Business Owner Should Know to Face The Present Day Market Challenges

Posted by Maya Pillai

There are a few things every business owner should understand to face the challenges of the current day market situations. Following are the pointers that every small business entrepreneurs should consider if they want to move their business to the next higher level. Training Is An Ongoing Process Every business should integrate a continuous learning plan in its process. It … Continue reading

3 Tips to Boost Post-Holiday Sales

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3 tips boost sales

With Christmas and New Year around the corner, most of the small businesses would have been well prepared to meet the holiday rush. However, there is going to be slow period after the holiday rush. You need to be aggressive if you want to boost your post-holiday sales. Business analysts opine that usually January retail sales are down as the … Continue reading

Top 5 Strategies Every Sales Team Needs To Move Every Sale Forward

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sales team

One of the things that is at the top of the mind of the sales personnel at every sale vertical is the sales strategy. However, remember that there is no cut and dry sales strategy or off-the-shelf techniques that can be applied to every sales firm or even for every sale representative with the same organization. A well-defined sales strategy … Continue reading

Small Business Marketing Ideas To Use Without Punching A Hole In Pocket

Posted by Maya Pillai

Many a times a small business are cash-strapped and operate on shoestring budgets. So, a SMB owner set aside only a small amount for marketing and advertising campaigns. The current day marketplace is so competitive, that if a small business needs to create a niche for itself its mandatory that it needs to be in constant touch with the existing … Continue reading

How To Build Your Brand Through Customer Delight Model

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A secret weapon that a growing small business belonging to any industry type should consider using to compete with any market scenario is the customer service and support. If a brand wants to grow in leaps and bounds, then it has to focus on customer support, offer value beyond their product and treat customer service and support as their Unique … Continue reading