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When you are in charge of a new team, you need to understand that whether they have previous sales experience or not, professional training and careful guidance will be necessary to ensure they flourish in this new sales environment. If you are struggling to come up with a sales training programs that incorporates everything your new team will need to know in a easily digestible manner, the following sales training ideas have been put together to help inspire you.


Before leaping into company procedures and etiquette, you should spend time making sure the team are properly introduced to you and other trainers as well as one another and those they will be working with once the sales management training is complete. Playing games to get to know each other can sound a little cheesy, but they do help to relax new starters and promote bonding within the team from day one.

Clear Structure

Breaking the training down into clearly defined stages will greatly aid understanding, so once you have established everything you need to cover, try to group information into specific sections and then order them in terms of what should be discussed first, second and so on. This will form the structure for your sales training team and ensure every new starter is aware of what will be covered and when.

Keep it Short

The best way to ensure the information you are providing is retained by those attending the sessions is to avoid lengthy sales and marketing training sessions. If it is an intensive training course, make sure you are allowing for regular breaks and stopping for other activities rather than just talking to the group for hours on end.

Consider Professional Training Courses

Whilst you will undoubtedly be incredibly knowledgeable about the business you work for and the specific procedures that apply to the sales roles, it can be tricky to pass this information on to others if you do not have training experience. A great way to ensure that new starters are given the very best training is to utilise the services of a sales training team who can work alongside you to create a coaching programme tailored to your business. This will blend you expert knowledge with their understanding of effective training to provide new team members with all the tools required to be successful and confident within their sales role.

If you are in charge of ensuring the best training is provided to a new sales team, be sure to take heed of these top tips in order to boost confidence and enhance understanding from day one.

Sophie currently works in project management but has also worked in a variety of roles including both telesales and customer facing roles, some of which she trained new team members herself. She has written numerous guides on learning in the workplace and firmly believes high quality sales training that offers clear direction within comfortable surroundings is the key to a happy and confident team.

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