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Networking is the business mantra of today. Success comes to them who have the right contacts. This is also true of small businesses. As an owner of a small business, you realize the crucial importance of networking.

LinkedIn and the Small Business Owner

The question is how to network? LinkedIn is an ideal choice. It is a popular platform for remote networking. It is worthwhile to pay for the premium membership and gain access to more members. But this is just one of the many ways to business network. LinkedIn network is a mandatory and formidable tool in recent times.

Attend Key Business Events

There are innumerable conferences, workshops and social networking events to attend. Small business owners should make it a priority to attend them. You will definitely learn a lot from industry experts, business veterans and peers. This is a superb opportunity to showcase your company to the discerning industry. You will also become aware of current trends, decision makers and what it takes to achieve your goals.

Social Networking Websites

Today’s trend is using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Comment on other people’s blogs. Give suggestions for improvement. This will definitely make your presence felt. In addition, you will make quite a few business networking groups and generate a lot of goodwill for yourself.

Reconnect and Follow Up

While networking, you may encounter old friends and acquaintances. You may even meet members from your academic days. Remember to carry your business cards everywhere you go. Don’t forget to distribute your business cards and collect other people’s business cards. Many people exchange cards and leave it at that. Make it a point to give a phone call or send an email to nurture the relationship.

Building Relationships

Networking is also about relationship building. Reputation and commitment to professionalism will propel your venture to new heights. Business is all about people and relationships. People appreciate honesty as well as quality deliverables. They will give work to those whom they trust and are competent too.

Do this on a Priority Basis

A handy tip is to maintain a list of email addresses and phone numbers of all your business contacts. Send emails and SMS’s on their birthdays, anniversaries or any other day of significance. People will notice your goodwill.


No business can exist in isolation. If you haven’t been networking, start now. In due time, you will attain greater success and also earn a great reputation. It’s true what they say, people make or break you. Stick to your ethics; mingle with the right people and business success is yours for the taking.

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