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Instagram is emerging as the social media platform for small businesses. Enterprises are having a dramatic reduction in connecting with their followers on Facebook, a mainstay for small businesses till recently. It is wise not to rely on Facebook alone and have other quality options.

Instagram is a social media platform where users can share images with other followers. Currently it is free of charge to all users. Instagram is growing extremely fast, with over 200 million users by 2014. What’s more, there are 75 million daily Instagram users.

Here are some pointers to leverage Instagram for boosting your small business.

Give details to your account

The number one thing to do when setting up an Instagram account is to personalize and brand your profile. It is recommended to add your logo or picture, have a short self introduction, link to your homepage or Facebook page. Accounts which lack these data lack credibility.

Engage, engage, engage

Next, link your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This way you will know who is on Instagram but also cross post images to Facebook. This will ramp up engagement on both platforms. You need to engage by liking other user’s pictures and commenting on them. Woobox should be used to engage your Facebook and Instagram users.

Supply the visual aspect

There are hordes of job seekers in the market. It is not enough to just post job openings. Share images of the office as well as the complete working environment. The phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ holds true here. This way, people get a better idea of what the work environment is like. This practice will definitely ramp up the number of job applicants.

Be regular in posting images

Get into the habit of posting images everyday so that your audience can look forward to fresh content every day.

Reply to each comment irrespective of the person

A personal reply makes commenters feel acknowledged. A good practice is to follow people back and link with them on other social media platforms.

Use hashtags

Make it a point to use popular hashtags which make it easy and convenient for users to discover you on Instagram.

Other ways to harness Instagram’s power and reach include giving a personal touch, displaying the entire production process via pictures, including keywords for increased traffic and more.

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