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Internet shopping is the current trend. There are many things you can do over the Internet. If you want to reserve an airline ticket just enter the destination and port of departure. Other parameters include which class you want to travel in and whether you want window seat or aisle. Once you’ve entered the parameters the site will display available flights with fares. You can select the flight as per your convenience. No need to visit a travel agency to book your flights. This is the beauty of Internet shopping. Read few online safety tips that might help you while purchasing items online.

What is E-commerce?

E commerce business involves selling and purchasing of products and services via the electronic systems such as the Internet and computer networks.

Advantages of Internet Shopping

  • In conventional shopping, shops were only open for a specific time period. It was usually closed on Sunday’s and holidays. Internet shopping is open 365 days a year, seven days a week, and 24 hours a day; so more transactions are possible.

  • Through Internet shopping, you do not have to travel to shop. You can shop from any corner of the globe irrespective of your geographical location. You do not have to travel to different stores to compare prices, qualities, and features of the products or service. This can be done quickly via the Internet. The cost and time associated with traveling, is saved.

  • Conventional shopping takes more time compared to Internet shopping. Internet shopping does not depend upon employees. Hence it is more reliable.

  • Internet shopping does not require physical stores to store the goods. Therefore, space is saved, and so is time and money.

Disadvantages of Internet Shopping

Internet shopping leverages the power of the Internet, meaning technology and infrastructure for the Internet should be in place. In remote places, this is not always possible. To Internet shop, the customer must understand computers and the Internet. There is also the problem of hacking. Somebody might purchase items at your cost. If there is a power outage or server failure, it won’t be possible to shop online. Goods take time to arrive at your door, leaving you without the instant gratification of a new purchase. It is not practical to buy perishable items over the Internet. Certain people prefer to experience such products as an automobile firsthand; which is not possible with online shopping.

Is Internet Shopping Safe?

It is a myth that Internet shopping is unsafe. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, this type of shopping is virtually infallible.

Many things such as toys, hotel reservations, airline tickets, electronic goods, automobiles, consumer products, etc. can be bought via the Internet. Internet shopping is growing and evolving with time.

What do buy online?

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