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Many small businesses have implemented in-house CRM systems to make it easier for their employees. However, once a sales rep leaves his office he is totally disconnected from his CRM system. Usually a sales team has most of its sales representatives in the field to meet with a potential prospect or to close a deal. When he is on move, it’s easier for him to connect with the office if he has the CRM apps installed on his smartphone or tablet. Similarly, if the meeting with the prospect goes past the office hours, he can update his entry from anywhere and at any time. Here we look at how mobile CRM software can help the sales team of a small business to perform better and thereby boost sales.

How Mobile CRM can help sales team

  • Access to critical data- Integrating a reputed mobile CRM app can boost the productivity of the sales team. A decade ago, the sales representatives who are in the field had no way to collect and send information unless they go physically to the office. However, things have changed in the recent past with the introduction of mobile CRM software. Using this software, the sales personnel can access the critical data such as products previously or recently purchased, history of the prospect or customers and also the latest pricing information of a product easily. Accessing crucial information can help a sales rep plan and prepare for his meeting with the prospect or clients while on the move. Similarly, CRM can send alerts to remind the representative to make the follow up with a warm qualified lead. Additionally, mobile CRM enables updation of customer information in real time.
  • Boosts productivity of the sales persons and thereby increases sales- A recent study by Innoppl Technologies showed that the 65% of the sales representatives of small businesses that adopted Mobile CRM were more productive opposed to the companies that have only office-based CRM software. Productivity of the sales persons boosted when they have the crucial information at their fingertips. They don’t have to waste their time searching for the contact information or recall the last conversation they had with their prospects. Instead, they can strike meaningful conversation with their prospects to convert the latter into warm leads or at times close the deal.
  • Reduces the steps of the sales cycle- Mobile CRM software can be customized to suit the business type. A customized CRM system can be used to retrieve crucial data such as inventory, current product models, the prices and other information from the client’s/ prospect’s location. If a sales representative can convince a prospect regarding a product, it can shorten the sales process. Once a sale deal is closed, the representatives can dedicate their time working on nurturing other prospects.
  • Delivery is made faster- A mobile CRM system allows a sales person to submit the product orders without having to report to the office, i.e. from anywhere anytime. That is, it can be done at the prospects location. As soon as the order is confirmed, the inventory team can do the needful which means the delivery period of the product is shortened.
  • Creation of database and retrieval of data is made easier- Information of a prospect is not just his complete name, address and telephone number. It’s more than that. At times there can be information overload because of the plethora of information that is collected by a sales rep. If they are stored in a meaningful and organized manner it adds value to the information as it can be analyzed to formulate sales strategies and make reports.
  • Real time reports of distributed team can be accessed on demand- Senior managers can access the real time report of the sales reps who are on the move. They can be alerted each time a closure happens. Similarly, the sales managers can provide valuable inputs to their distributed team.

Integrating a mobile CRM is no longer an option. Integrating a right Mobile CRM software such as Apptivo’s CRM for smartphones and tablets, can make dramatic difference in the day-to-day functioning of the sales representatives. They can update as well as synchronize data on the move, share the information with their seniors in real time too. As in the desktop CRM, mobile CRM also allows one to plan the day, dial into important official meetings with click to call options, access dashboards, open and share files and also access and update the details pertaining to the prospects.

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