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Many a times a small business are cash-strapped and operate on shoestring budgets. So, a SMB owner set aside only a small amount for marketing and advertising campaigns. The current day marketplace is so competitive, that if a small business needs to create a niche for itself its mandatory that it needs to be in constant touch with the existing customers, and engage with the potential customers as well as the returning customers. However, there are a few marketing tactics that a small business or startup can use without punching holes in the pocket.


Social media

Consider creating business accounts in prominent social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Here is where you will find your audience from various geographical location. Engage with them consistently by running sponsored advertisements, by allowing them to take a peep into behind the screen happenings of your business and generating quality content. Ensure to update the account page consistently.


This is a prominent social media site where you meet like minded people. Sadly, its often an under-utilized platform. It will not make sense if you just add network connections and not engage in conversations with them. To market your products or services, join the relevant groups, engage in conversation, share the knowledge, state your opinions, share your blog posts, and more. LinkedIn is a great platform to share ideas, content, and in turn building your brand.

Give new lease of life to old data

Content writers can whip up blog contents. But if your marketing budget cannot afford a content writer, then instead of creating new content, you can breathe life into the existing content by adding up to date content to it. There are so much of data studies available on the Internet that you can search for the data relevant to your industry and polish it up. Highlight the relevant and important parts of the study, create charts and add images. You can also give your thoughts and prediction based on the study. However, ensure to give due credits to the data and studies that you have used in your blog content.

Email marketing

This is a great way to drive traffic to your business. A well written and engaging email marketing content is a great way to lure new customers, re-engage the dormant customers and also the active customers. You can also start email marketing campaigns using the free email marketing services such as MailChimp. Use email marketing techniques to nurture your potential customers.

Email Marketing Software

Instructional video contents

Video content is fast becoming popular. You can get one of your employees/family members to shoot the instructional videos using a good mobile device or camera and upload it in YouTube. Research on the Internet on how to shoot videos like an expert. However, if shooting videos are too much of a challenge, consider creating slide decks and uploading them on SlidesShare.


This is a powerful marketing tool. Since they are eye candy and easy to understand, people like to share them. When people share infographics, it drives referral traffic to your website. Hiring a designer can be quite expensive. If you have a working knowledge of Adobe illustrator or similar tools, you can create your infographics without much difficulty.

The other pointers that would be helpful includes concentrate on the quality of the services or products. If you have an impeccable customer service, people are bound to share their experience with their peers, family and also in social channels. This will in turn lead to mouth-to-mouth publicity. Data collection of your customers is also important. Installing a good CRM system can help you store the information regarding your customers, and also analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns on the basis of the existing customers likes and preferences.

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