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Video Marketing is fast catching up as a medium to reach out to the audience. Visually appealing videos give the customers an overview of a product or service in less than thirty seconds without overwhelming them with the textual content. There are so many tools to create appealing videos that the small enterprises can shoot their own videos using their smartphones or get it done through a professional service at a nominal cost.

Tips to Create Video Marketing Strategies

Videos Should Be Short And Appealing

The only reason why its recommended to create the video short and simple is to keep the viewers engaged. Else they are likely to get bored and will move on. Whether it’s an animated or not, the videos that convey their messages in the less than 2 minutes is what will appeal to the viewer.

Position It Where Its Easily Noticeable

One of the ways to increase the rate of conversion is to get the viewers linger around your website for a longer time. However, it’s easier said than done. The reason is the attention span of an average human being is just 8 seconds. Therefore, it’s wise to position your videos above the fold on your landing page where it can catch the visitor’s attention easily.

Upload Your Videos To YouTube

The second popular search engine is YouTube. Instructional as well as explainer videos is what makes up for 67 percent of the global viewership. Also, the videos are always bound to be ranked first on the Google searches.

Share The Videos In The Social Channels

Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social platforms where you can share your videos. On these platforms, they are likely to receive comments, likes and more shares. It’s also a fact that the videos are 40 times more likely to be shared than text or picture if its appealing to the targeted audience.

Schedule The Publishing Of Your Videos

Your video marketing strategy should be planned as such to run the videos consistently. Think of introducing your new product campaign as a series. That is conjure up a story line that will allow you to create multiple videos that you can post over the course over a period of several weeks. Once you have the content of the videos in place, you need to set up a schedule for the launching of the videos.

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Call To Action

This is something that every marketer should do when creating an amazing video for their products or services, a call to action. Audience would enjoy the great video and the message it conveys but if they have no clue about what to do after watching it, your hard work would be in vain. The call to action is important. You can give a coupon code for use on your website or a discount offer at your physical store if the customer mentions about the video and the code with it in your store.

Video marketing is an amazing way to create brand awareness when compared to text-based marketing. A video marketing campaign can help the brand reach out to its loyal customers, acquire new customers and convert them into loyal customers.

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