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Nearly everyone is on some kind of social media platform nowadays. Small businesses are increasingly leveraging social media as a potent marketing tool. We look at whether you are using social media correctly.

  • You don’t update regularly - A social media account which is neglected and sparsely populated sends a wrong message to current and potential customers. It is recommended that you create new posts on your accounts at least once a week.
  • Choose the right social media channel - The main ones are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Do not neglect the other channels such as Pinterest, Instagram and Google plus. Do research to find out where your audience is. This will help you pinpoint the right social media channel for your small business.
  • You broadcast instead of engaging - Social media is not a one-way street. In addition to posting, ensure you interact with other users. Also add and follow relevant accounts such as other’s posts and reply to comments.
  • Are you delivering focused content - You need to offer high quality, consistent content. Old or low quality content is a definite turn off.
  • Don’t autopost updates across all your social profiles - What looks good on one social media platform may not look good on others. Customize each post as per individual social media platform to look professional.
  • Establish yourself as an expert - Social media is an ideal perform to showcase your small business’s expertise. Impressed people are likely to seek opportunities with your business.
  • Avoid ignoring or deleting negative social mentions - Negative feedback happens even to the best and well meaning entities. Instead of deleting unhappy customer’s messages address their issues tactfully.
  • Refrain from sales pitches - Most people don’t like sales pitches. Do not self promote. You need to engage first and subsequently promote content.

Make it a habit to respond to customers posts quickly. Having an energetic, regular and vocal presence on various social media platforms will reap rich dividends for your small business in the long run.

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