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Internet technology has changed the way business is conducted. These days getting a loyal customer is a herculean task as the customers have many choices to suit their preferences and taste. If they feel that they are being offered a better deal by another firm, they will switch over very easily. Therefore, having a mobile business strategy in place is no longer an option for small businesses if they want to compete, grow and be visible to their customers.

One medium that the small and medium-sized businesses should tap is the mobile medium. There are many small and medium size startups and established businesses that have used the current mobile marketing trends to create their mobile strategy as a part of their digital marketing strategy. These businesses have realized that having a mobile-friendly website alone is not enough; they need a mobile app to keep in constant touch with their customers. Here are a few reasons why every business, irrespective of their size, should have a mobile app of their own.

  • To increase business visibility - A study conducted in 2014 by Flurry, a mobile measurement and advertising platform revealed that on average, Americans spends two hours on their mobile devices per day. Also, 86 percentage of that time is spent browsing various mobile apps. Flurry said that “In short, six years into the mobile revolution, there are numerous opportunities for new franchises to emerge in almost every segment of the mobile economy.” Now is the time for small businesses to introduce their mobile app to make their business visible.
  • Increase customer engagement - No matter what the type of business you’re in, the customers would want to reach you at their convenience. For instance, if you own a small and homely restaurant downtown, instead of calling up the reception desk to book a table, it could be easily done with a few clicks on the mobile app. The communication becomes easier, and the customer probably prefers texting than phoning. Mobile medium makes it easier for the businesses to engage customers in real-time.
  • Creating brand awareness - Even today, the mobile app is still a rare thing among small and mid-size businesses. As a small business owner, contemplate offering your mobile app to your customer. It will help you stand out from your competitors and also help to create brand awareness. Create a mobile app that has features that are well designed and also user-friendly. The more the customers are engaged with your apps it will give them an inclination to buy your product/service.
  • Ways to promote your business - Coupon offering limited time discounts are always a hit among customers, and it’s also a way to increase cash flows. If the customers are notified about the discounts on their mobile devices, you will increase the likelihood of them visiting your shop. Similarly, if you have e-commerce, it would be worth considering introducing your mobile app.

The above mentioned are a few ways to increase the business visibility, keep the existing customers and acquire new customers. As a small business owner, you can think of many creative ways to capture the attention of potential and existing customers.

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