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With Christmas and New Year around the corner, most of the small businesses would have been well prepared to meet the holiday rush. However, there is going to be slow period after the holiday rush. You need to be aggressive if you want to boost your post-holiday sales. Business analysts opine that usually January retail sales are down as the consumers are not willing to loosen their purse strings after the holidays. This is in spite of the heavy discounts that many businesses offer.

The reason is many consumers start their holiday shopping in November and post holidays they would be busy paying off the debts that is accumulated on their credit cards. That’s really a bad news. However, there is a market for post-holiday sales if you can create attractive marketing and sales strategies to lure the customers.

Create Strategies to Help Consumers Spend

After the holidays, consumers would want to buy something for themselves. Small businesses should try to capitalize on these opportunities. One of the keys to boosting post-holiday sales is by shifting the focus of gift buying to purchases with a personal focus.

The experts opine that the small businesses should focus on two areas – spending gift cards and the keeping New Year’s resolutions of the customers in mind. Introduce the gift-card holders to your products, website and mailing list when they visit your store. Also, understand the customers who have a list of resolutions, and want to stick to it. For them try creating combos of your products/services that will fit into the categories similar to their resolutions.

Target Specific Demographics

Consider catering to specific kind of customers. Small businesses should not adopt one-size fits all marketing strategy. Instead they should invest time on finding out the preferences and tastes of their customers and what they expect from the business. Use this information to create personalized content for email marketing campaigns. The enterprises should also consider using social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with their prospects and customers.

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Thank Holiday Shoppers & Loyal Customers

A business should thank all those who shopped with them by sending an email that highlights exclusive deals and offerings for a limited period after the holidays. This would have the same appeal as that of the flash sales.

Find time in your daily calendar to engage with your customers in the social networking sites to create brand awareness. Use infographics not only create brand awareness but also to reach out to the people.

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