Jobs: Overview

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The Jobs feature integrates directly with the comprehensive Apptivo human resources management tools, and provides a simple interface to manage the creation and management of job listings. It is also simple to add a job search form for your users, and you can place a featured jobs section anywhere on the website. This feature makes it simple to manage your … Read more

Newsletter: How it Works with Apptivo

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Apptivo Marketing Apps Overview Apptivo offers several marketing applications specifically designed for the purpose of helping your business organize and execute its marketing efforts. Creating & Managing Target Lists Before we can create a newsletter form and use it on the website, we need at least one target list for this form to create users in.  A target list is … Read more

Newsletter: Overview

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The Newsletter feature allows you to easily insert a form onto your website which collects contact information for the use of newsletters, or other sorts of marketing lists. The newsletter forms automatically submit these users directly into Apptivo’s marketing tools, allowing for you to manage all of your data from a single platform. Apptivo Business Site Developer Guide Navigation << … Read more

Apptivo Business Site Developer Guide

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What’s in This Guide This guide will provide the training and information required to integrate the Apptivo WordPress plugin with a self-hosted WordPress website.  The guide will cover the basic requirements and installation steps, as well as the details of customizing and utilizing all features of the plugin.  Lastly, this guide will also provide examples of how Apptivo interacts with … Read more

Why you Need to be Marketing on Mobile Today

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Small businesses have an unprecedented opportunity because of mobile marketing; for the first time in history they have access to a marketing channel that is plentiful, cheap, targeted, and effective. As recently as ten years ago, small local businesses had few options for drumming up business. They could take out an ad in the yellow pages, hire a few kids … Read more

How does Apptivo make money?

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Apptivo is a collection of several applications to help run your business for free. But any viable business needs to generate revenue to sustain itself – this is especially true when businesses like yours are entrusting your data and depend on a single platform for all of your operations. So, lets answer that question – how does Apptivo make money? … Read more

Modern Thinking for the Modern Business Wanting to Streamline

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Today’s business environment is much different than in the past. The markets are highly competitive and the race to keep revenues up and costs down is something businesses of all sizes find themselves facing. Streamlining is one important way to keep costs down. Modern businesses looking to streamline should use modern thinking, and that should include the use of CRM … Read more

Project Management for Miner Technologies Web Design Small Business Management | Apptivo Case Study

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Company Overview Miner Technologies Web Design is a web development firm that provides a variety of website solutions and IT services across North America. They offer affordable pricing and top-quality service to assist both individuals and small business looking to build a web-presence and/or improve their IT infrastructure. Problem Miner Technologies Web Design targets customers looking for a solution that … Read more

ERP and CRM for Intellect Faces IT Consulting Small Business Management | Apptivo Case Study

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Company Overview Intellect Faces Consulting is a rapidly growing IT consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of high end digital networks.  Providing professional IT Services to small and medium-sized businesses, they are dedicated to bringing customers the highest quality of service with the latest in hi-tech solutions. Problem The increase in number of active projects, due to recent … Read more